Enjoy It While It Lasts

It’s too hot. At least it is considering that it is only May.
We just got back from what-comes-closest-to-being-downtown-without-really-being-downtown and went a little grocery shopping. The groceries turned out to be a bottle of volvic flavored water (lemon this time), a bottle of orange lemonade, a bottle of sparkling water and a bottle of beer. And bread. I don’t think I will be eating anything tonight.

When I was younger I hated heat. I just got cranky when I had to be outside in the sun for too long. And I mean really cranky. Piss-off cranky if you like. Then I went to New York and was lucky enough to be there during the hottest summer ever (the year was 1999 and it was also the year John-John died and there supposedly was a mosquito plague haunting some parts of New York, though I never saw any of them) and for whatever reason I didn’t get cranky at all. That was actually the summer I learned to like heat. I may also be one of the few people who went to the USA for a longer time and actually lost weight. I learned that during great heats you lose your appetite and just go for everything that’s liquid and cool.

Then two years ago we had a heat wave here in Germany, too. I think it wasn’t as bad as it was in New York but you should know that most Germans are pretty much unaware of the technology called air condition. That is because we hardly ever need it, least in our private homes. So keeping that in mind, the heat wave here was pretty much as bad as what I experienced in New York. And I didn’t hate it at all.

I think the good thing about really bad heat waves is that you lose complete interest in everything besides coolness and liquid in all forms and I think it might even slow down your brain. You end up lying on the couch unable to move and/or think and honestly… doesn’t that make life a whole lot easier? Maybe I just have so much stuff on my mind that I enjoy the couple of days when my own body makes it impossible for me to care about other things than when I’m going to take the next shower and if I should restock the ice cubes in my freezer now or later.

It’s a blissful state of complete laziness and I choose to just surrender and enjoy it while it lasts.