Why Murphy Was Right (Part I)

Wow! That sucks. I just wrote a real long post telling you all about Tuesday morning and accidentally erased everything. Is there no recovery function here? The irony is that I just tried to copy everything, so that I could at least restore it if anything bad happened while I was writing. It just backfired in a really screwed-up way.
You know what?
I’m officially offended. That’s not fair. It just isn’t. It wouldn’t be so bad if I hadn’t already written so much.

Are you there, life? Well, thanks for just gently kicking me in the stomach when I most needed it.

Anyway, next try. The funny thing is that the title of this post fits even better now. Not that it makes it any better. I’m just saying.

At the moment, I’m at work. Right until Tuesday evening I thought I wouldn’t be back here until next Monday, but apparently I couldn’t have been wronger (I don’t care whether this word exists or not). So I am back here and I’m already bored. There’s nothing to do and the little I could do I don’t want to do right now. But I’m already doing overtime. This blog will probably blossom in a way you haven’t seen before. I have so much time at hand when I’m at work, it’s unbelievable. I can’t believe I actually get money for this. On the other hand, I really don’t get a lot of money, so no wonder my motivation sunk to a new low-point again. (Remember I started this blog because I was bored at work.)

I originally planned to tell you all about Tuesday morning and how I became a firm believer in Murphy’s Law, but I’m not doing that now. I did it. It was a desaster. It was erased.
So, I will tell you about that tomorrow or whenever I am willing to go back there, but not now.

Now I will write about all the lovely little things that helped making my day not a complete disappointment. I’m actually talking about work here. To be honest, I’m not really talking about work but about this company and more this building. Work hasn’t gotten any better.
I got up today at 5 am. No typo. I actually managed to get up and not hit the snooze button twenty times before I was willing to drag myself out of the bed. I am very proud of myself. This also means that when I leave here at 4 pm (as I plan to do) I will have done approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes overtime. I have to work overtime these next two weeks, so I can take an additional day off and make my holiday complete (starting at December 13th and I’m not coming back until January).
I took the train at 5:43 am and arrived at work at 6:37 am. I know the exact time, because I can see it when I ‚check in‘ with my company card. Andreas arrived about one minute later, by the way, but he already left which is why I can write here in peace without him hanging around my desk all the time. He doesn’t know that I have a blog and I’m not sure if I want him to know, especially since he appears frequently on this blog. Whatever.

What I did today:
1. Filled out the form for taking my holiday in December. I have 12 days of holiday left to take so with the extra day I want to take off I get the whole last three weeks of December. Yay! I can’t wait.

2. Got my new company ID card, which looks pretty much like the old one (the picture is nearly 2 1/2 years old, I don’t even look like that girl on the card anymore – well, I actually do, only with shorter hair) but is way cooler due to some technical improvements, which I’m not going to try to explain to you, because I didn’t understand them at all. Just know that it is cooler.

3. Was bored. A lot.

4. Went to see and distract the MaTA-trainees who are working on their programming project for their finals this week. I’m neither telling you what MaTA stands for, nor am I going to try to translate it or describe it. When they are done with their training they will be a little bit like us only they actually learned something during their training and their training is a lot more expensive than ours. And the company loves them for no particular reason. They just love them. Which is why they get all the good courses and we have to beg to get some crappy ones. Anyway, two of the four MaTAs are really nice and the other two are not. To give you names, Anika and Philipp are the nice ones and Stefan and Anett are those that we don’t like that much. Only we call them Stefanett, because they are more like one person with two bodies. I have never before seen two people who constantly agree with each other on everything like those two do.

5. Had lunch, wholewheat pasta with vegetable sauce and a little salad. I ate really healthy today. Proud again. Patting my back.

6. Ranted about the exams. I actually did that before lunch, so now you know that this isn’t really a chronological account of what happened today.

7. Marveled about the lovely new things here.

8. Was bored some more.

That basically covers it.

So, I would like to write about those lovely new things now, but I don’t think I have a lot of time left. I will just get to the very best right now.

We have an all new ‚coffee bar‘ here in the company. Yay! I’m not even a big coffee-drinker, but this is just great and bound to suck all the money from my pocket. Today I had a latte machiatto with vanilla syrup and a café au lait with caramel syrup. I’m so happy. I will most probably have at least two coffees a day now. Which isn’t really that healthy but I also don’t really care.

Got to go now. I just got a text message from Natascha. She gave me some scented candles for my birthday which were just great and I need more now. But apparently she got them from a store with changing offers, so I don’t know if I can get some more. Damnit.

Anyways, I need to pack my things now and leave or I won’t catch my train.

Current mood: Caffeinated.
Listening to: I’ll Find A Way by Rachael Yamagata.