Things To Do When You’re Bored, Things To Listen To Because They’re Great

As you might have heard I was bored at work today. Amazingly there’s a site called offering a lot of links that promise at least a little distraction and sometimes fun.
I also tried, and several other names to see if somebody was smart enough to get those domains, but I wasn’t lucky. Maybe I should get those domains. Then again I already own three domains and hardly ever update them.
So you don’t need to try those two links, cause they don’t exist. The first one does. If you find any links with similar names, please tell me. I wasn’t really creative today and didn’t try but a few names before I got frustrated.
Another site I found was It’s like a interactive fridge-door with magnetic letters to shuffle around. You can try to actually make some words but the most likely case will be that you never get to finish just a four-letter-word, since up to 75 other people try the same. At least at first I thought that you should try to get together some words. Then I realized that maybe the real goal or more likely the real fun of the ‚game‘ was to just destroy somebody’s word just when he tried to finish it. That’s mean, I’m aware, but also a lot more fun. Also, you could try to sort letters by color and or just make large heaps of letters. It’s very confusing and really destructive and when you’re caffeinated and/or drunk and/or bored like hell it’s hilarious. Apart from that, it’s really very stupid. (Yeah, like I care.)
Then I found, which is basically a site with tips how to annoy other people. Not that I need any tips for that, but on the other side, you never know.
So much about that.

The second part of the title refers mostly to my new discovery. Go, go and buy Moneybrother’s ‚Blood Money‘. It’s so great. I first heard of him on Sarah Kuttner’s show and then tried it out. This album is just amazing. I find it hard to describe music, so I try to do this as easy and quickly as possible.
The really short version: Go get it. If you don’t like it, please don’t sue me.
The slightly longer version: It reminds me a little bit of the New Radicals and I love that album as well. Only Moneybrother is more fun and cares a little less about actually being able to sing. He still manages to pull it off.

Other things to add:
1. I realize I made some mistakes (mostly typos, only there was this one sentence that really made no sense). I promise to edit my posts really soon and make them as errorless as possible.
2. Something else. I forgot.
3. I am back to playing Spellforce. Yesterday night I fought battles again undead armies with my 70-man army of elves and dwarves. Now I have to fight even more undead armies. But I am very confident that I will win.
4. I plan to install Sims 2 on Pi’s computer really soon and then build families inspired on some TV show.
The options are…
a) Smallville characters (which would most likely be a lot of fun)
b) the contestants of one of the seasons of The Apprentice (note: I don’t need to control them all at one time and they don’t necessarily need to live all together in one house)
c) the cast of Joan of Arcadia
d) the cast of Charmed
e) the cast of Lost
My favorite one is b. Only I would have to decide which season I prefer. And it would be a lot work to design all the characters and build them houses. But I’m really open to suggestions and new ideas.

Tomorrow evening we are invited for dinner at some friends, or actually a friend and his new girlfriend who I only met once at my birthday party. She seemed really nice, but I have to admit I didn’t really got to talk to her a lot that evening. I guess I’ll know more about her soon.

Current mood: A little bit tired, obviously talkative and really fine.
Listening to: Stormy Weather by Moneybrother (told you).