And Murphy Was Right!

I know that now!
What happened today that convinced me of the absolute correctness of Murphy’s Law, I will write about that later when I am even more relaxed than I am right now.
Everything is over, the tests went fine as far as I can tell. I don’t think that I did excellent, but I guess that overall I did good and for now that’s fine with me. Ask me again when I get the results and see if I am ranting then.
By the way, I will not get the results until… well, a really long time from now. They weren’t even bothering to tell us when we could expect the results, they were just like ‚Don’t call us to ask. Just… don’t.‘

So I just called our new favorite pizza delivery service. According to Pi they have the very best pizza and according to me they make very good salads and the best pasta in Leverkusen (the pasta still doesn’t top my favorite two pasta dishes made by two different delivery services back in Bonn, but it is really good).

Today we’re having:
Pizza Bolognese (although they write it Bollognese, but that’s either a typo or simple ignorance) for Pi
Salad Nizza for me (Oil-Vinegar-Dressing)
Tiramisu for both of us

If you want the same, just call the number below!

Best Pizza in the World (Order Here) Posted by Hello

PS: Jamie, thanks for the cheering me up. From what I can tell so far, it helped!

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