Frozen Strawberries Make Better Sauce

Here’s to my favorite recipe ever. Or at least my favorite recipe for cake ’n‘ stuff. I’m still really really fond of my pasta salad.

One of my cooking magazines had a recipe for Cheesecake-Muffins and I finally tried to make those on Christmas day. It’s one of the easiest recipes ever and the result is twelve tiny, but perfect, cheesecakes, each and every one of a delicious yumminess.

I would show you a picture, but unfortunately my mother needed the camera back before I had the chance to capture the pretty results of my housewifey efforts for generations to marvel at. Bummer.

They are served with a strawberry sauce, but I forgot to defrost the strawberries before my aunt and two cousins came to see us this afternoon, so I made frozen strawberry sauce which works and can only be more delicious than an unfrozen strawberry sauce could have ever been. In fact, there’s half a Cheesecake-Muffin left, but no sauce at all. My cousins saw to that.