Who Said I Was Big Girl?

For the next two days I will be alone. My husband leaves tonight for Munich where he holds a two day course in presentation and MS PowerPoint. Apart from the fact, that this is a great opportunity and also means some money we can always need, I don’t like him being away.

So, just in case I might be very very lonely and because I only have one episode of Firefly left, I went DVD shopping after work and now I have the whole season 2 of Buffy to re-watch. And I just couldn’t not buy „Big Fish“ and even better and because my husband will love it „The Premature Burial“.

I think I’m a little bit selfish, because I actually like it when I have an evening for myself, when I can watch TV for hours, eat junk food and just leave the couch to check my mails, all these things that feel less right when we’re both at home and therefore should do something together. But when it comes to nightttime and going to bed and waking up in the morning, I definitely want him to be there. Because this bed is too big for only one person.

And also, I still think the girl from Ring might come after me. Not to mention the monsters, thieves, burglars, kidnappers, ghosts and vampires. And the girl from Ring.