New White Shiny Toy

Today I finally got my external hard disk. Thanks to the support of Timo the decision on the what was easy, the decision on where to buy was pretty much settled when none of the tech stores had what I wanted and even if they had kind of what I wanted it was a lot more expensive than Amazon, and the when was decided when I simply couldn’t wait any longer. So there it is, a Western Digital 2.5″ MyPassport, even smaller than I expected, which is a good thing, because I wanted something I can just throw into my bag without worrying about how much weight it adds to what’s already in there anyway.

I currently have it plugged it into the MacBook and use it for TimeMachine backups. Not sure if that’s the best idea, and I’m already prepared to revisit that idea some time soon, but it’s a good way to start trying it out and seeing how it goes before I clean up the massive hard drive I have to use as a backup drive.

New WD MyPassport