Caught a Cold

I felt it coming and now it’s finally happening. I’m officially ill. Not ill in a have-to-stay-in-bed-way, but more in a don’t-feel-so-alright-and-need-even-more-sleep-than-usual-way. It’s mostly a sore throat which hurts with every swallowing, which is one of the most unnerving not-serious illnesses I know. It just hurts the whole damn time, but it seems so unimportant that you don’t dare to call in sick because of it. So I went to my course today in spite of all. Partly because I knew Andreas would be pissed if I didn’t show up and partly because I’m gonna take a sick-leave next Friday for Tina and Torsten’s wedding and I figured it might seem a little bit conspicuous would I call in sick two Fridays in a row. So I came, but left early. It’s Friday, guys. I’m used to be home by noon. You can’t take that away from me.

We ran into my father again. This time at the supermarket. I ran into him yesterday when I came home from the course and went to meet Pi at the bank and he asked us to come up to their place and have sushi with them, Renilda, Vera and Keisha. So we agreed and had a really nice evening. I was happy that everything went well and relaxed. I don’t know if my father realized that there are topics I won’t discuss with him and moreso I’d rather not even have mentioned or if it was just some lucky day, where we didn’t need to talk about those things. Maybe he finally got it or maybe it was because Renilda and the girls were there, too. I don’t really know.
I still feel more comfortable when there are other people around when we are with my parents. Should I feel guilty saying that? Cause I really can’t. Right now, it’s complicated. It doesn’t mean that I don’t want to be with my parents from time to time. I’ve just had enough of those spoiled evenings with those crappy discussions that nobody gets anything out of and which usually end with people getting hurt for nothing. So if I can reduce the risk of that happening I do so. And more people usually means less risk. Simple.
Wow, am I bitter. Pi and I have spent evenings discussing all this, and I’m really sick of it. It’s just so fucking complicated and it’s hurting and I just don’t know what to do. So I just play along and pray that nothing bad will happen.

Still, yesterday was really nice and ended up with my mother dancing to „Time of my Life“, because Dirty Dancing was, is and will always be her very favorite movie. Okay, I admit, I’ve seen and loved it, too, but not quite as often as she did.
And hello, how can anybody not think that Robbie Williams is the hottest guy in the world? He just is. This is not a matter of taste. He is. Period. End of discussion.

I just hope I won’t become seriously sick this weekend. For one thing, although I would love to stay at home, I really think that this course next week might actually be of some use for my final exam. And I want to go to the wedding. I surely wouldn’t want to miss that. Besides we would get to spend the night at Tina’s parents and I just love her father. So, no way for me missing that. I really would like to get sick after my finals. With the pressure off I would have no objection to get some extra days off and stay home. But I don’t think I will be that lucky. Not this time.

PS: No damage was done with the stolen bank cards. So we got off cheaply.

Current mood: I’m sick. No, really. No! Really!
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