Why Does It Always Rain On Us?

Today I was in the mood to actually do something, especially since I would love to get something nice to wear at Tina and Torsten’s wedding next Friday, so I asked Pi to come to Cologne and meet me after my course. I called him on my way to Neumarkt to check if he was really coming and about one minute after we hang up he called again to tell me his wallet was stolen. Why does this always happen to us, and especially him? It’s not like we’re not dealing with enough crap, but what did we actually do that the universe is punishing us again and again?

There wasn’t much money in the wallet, nor were there too many important things. Luckily Pi had his ID and driver’s license at home, so it was just the money, the cards for the banks and his health insurance card. We had the cards made invalid as soon as possible and I don’t even want to how much the calls to the bank’s service numbers from my cell are gonna cost me. But if nothing really bad happens, whoever stole the wallet won’t be too happy about that and that’s like the best thing I can say about this incident.

Naturally we both weren’t in best mood after that, but we actually brought ourselves not to go home right away. Instead we walked all the way down to Saturn and Pi took his time to browse the CDs in the jazz department, while I wandered around and picked something from time to time. There was a really nice CD by Petra Haden & Bill Frisell, which I will add to my amazon wishlist. Very sweet and easy, a little bit like Lori Carson, very likeable.

After that we walked around and looked for a place to eat something. We finally found a nice place at the Eigelsteintor where Pi had spaghetti with pesto and I had salad with chicken. It was nice to sit there together and talk or listen to the incredibly dumb guy two tables away, who talked bullshit the whole time we were there. But these days, those incredibly dumb guys seem to follow me. They’re all around me, especially that one guy in my course who sits next to me and talks extreme bullshit non-stop. I stopped being nice too him after approximately 10 minutes. His overwhelming dumbness wasn’t that difficult to notice, so I really had no choice. I know I sound like some selfish arrogant bitch, but you don’t have to listen to that bullshit. All. Day. Long. You might think so, but you really don’t. This particular guy is so dumb that it hurts. Literally. So shut up. Please. You have no idea what I have to endure.

But back to our evening. After our pasta and salad Pi wanted to order some cheese cake and I had some Latte Machiatto with vanilla sirup and a lot of sugar in it. It was all really nice and sweet. We should do it more often, but usually after work or school I’m so happy to be home that I just want to lie on the couch and watch TV. I always forget what a great time we have when we actually go out and do something. Tonight it was.

Current mood: Pissed and happy at the same time.
Listening to: Nothing.