Once Again It’s Oh So Quiet

And that is because we don’t have internet yet. Yes, you heard right. Me. No internet. This is a very strange world where something like this actually happens and nobody dies or at least goes crazy because of it.

There once was some unsecured network in the new apartment, but it’s either gone or its owner went to the trouble of securing it. Either way… Me. No internet.

And since I usually don’t blog from work it’s possible you won’t hear a lot from me for the coming days and weeks. Just know that we’re fine. Tired and exhausted, but fine. And without internet.

2 Responses to “Once Again It’s Oh So Quiet”

  1. srah Says:


    Get some Internet! I will miss you!

  2. caitlin Says:

    oh but i miss you already! i think you need to give up lunch or sleep or something equally unimportant.

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