That Damn IKEA Furniture

So here I am, staring at that IKEA table and wondering whether I should take out those last screws as well. I have no idea how it will fall apart and I remember this part was a pain in the ass back when we put it together, so I’d rather just leave it as is, which means it will probably take up a lot more space in the car. Or maybe not, who knows, because I don’t know what will happen if those screws are gone.

So I guess I’ll just keep staring until Andreas is here and then ask for his expert’s opinion.

Moving also means being confronted with the wonders of how to dissemble IKEA furniture. Because of course you throw the instructions away right after the thing has been assembled. Which is stupid and now here I am, staring at a table. The IKEA mystery table as it will be known from now on.