A Weekend Full of Nothing

Man, am I lazy. I spent the whole weekend catching up on TV shows. No, I’m not kidding. I really did. And yes, I know it’s pathetic. No need to tell me. But then again, I made some progress regarding Alias and Dead Like Me. I haven’t been able to watch the new episodes from Joan of Arcadia and Smallville yet, but we did watch the latest Lost and loved it again. What a great show! To everybody who doesn’t know Lost yet. Boy, are you missing something.

Enough on that pathetic part of my life. More of the other pathetic things. And I’m telling this just because I want to prove that I’m incredibly honest on this blog. So it was my idea that we order in tonight and I dared to order that big chicken salad which costs way too much already and when it arrives the first thing I do is let the little box with the dressing fall down and spill out and ruin our entire hallway. Great me. Actually now I think it was the delivery boy’s fault because he put the box on top of the salad and I didn’t realize until after he was gone that the top of the salad was in no way able to balance the box with the dressing, but of course I already told him that it was completely my fault instead of telling him to get the hell back to the pizza place and get me a new box of dressing. NOW! So the basic routine was: Pi getting angry because of the mess and him having to clean it up because I suck major at cleaning anything up, me having a breakdown and losing my appetite, Pi getting pissed again because once most of the mess was cleaned his gyros had gone cold and me feeling responsible for everything and therefore really bad. But now everything’s fine again.

So, right now I’m at my computer burning CDs for Andreas and me, so he will get the whole package tomorrow and hopefully be satisfied for the next two or three days. For the next two weeks we’re having our preparation seminar for the final written exams. I’m not too sure what to think of it yet. I guess it either will be a great help or it will completely suck. It’s usually one of those two options. Let’s hope it won’t be the latter. After that four weeks of school, then back at work for two weeks and then I’m gone for three weeks. I will stay home, watch TV and play computer games. Okay? Got it? I want no human contact besides Pi and occasional phone calls. I want peace. Oh and for the most unlikely event that someone from the US reads my blog. I usually have nothing good to say about Germany, but here’s something: 30 days of vacation a year. Okay, I’m shutting up now.

As for this wasted weekend. It’s nearly over. I’m going to scoop up some Ben & Jerry’s now and then go watch some more Alias with Pi. And cuddle. I know: Awwwww. And be happy. And hate myself for being such a lazy bitch. At least I know my flaws.

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