So, tomorrow’s Friday, huh? Damnit!

I’m totally wasted. We just got back from my parents where we had a nice evening with food and wine and my family and I feel like I’m really really drunk. Which means that I probably made a fool of myself talking to my cousin’s friend from Orlando without noticing it at all. And she’s most certainly too polite to admit it. Nice. Well done.

Anyways, we had mussels and fish and salad and potatos and everything. As someone who still refuses to eat mussels I really enjoyed the salad and the fish, but I think Pi was all over the mussels, especially since my mother prepared them with two different sauces. The evening went very well considering the awkward relationship I have with my parents these days. But that might also be because Pi and I spent most of the evening talking to other people. I mostly stuck to Keisha, my cousin’s friend, and if she doesn’t think of me as the most extroverted self-absorbed girl she ever met, she’s too nice to be true. I really enjoyed talking to her though, but I would have asked smarter questions if I didn’t have about half a bottle of wine in me by then. She’s only 17 (man, am I old), just finished high school and is starting fashion school in Florence next January. I am so envious. Not because of fashion school, but hey, this girl is young and already on her own in a foreign country. I was 19 when I went to New York and that was only for three month. But then again I was 19 when I moved out and I know people my age who still live at home. Considering this I don’t feel that bad.

Everyone complimented on my new hairstyle and for good reason. I love it! I love my hairdresser! This is actually the first hairdresser I really have full confidence in. He did such a great job with my hair, I just have to love him for that. Hairdresser interlude over. I can’t believe I finally turned into this girl who loves shoes and clothes so much that every visit to a good clothing and/or shoe store leaves me depressed because I just know I don’t have the money.

Today at work was just awful. Awful in the sense that both Andreas and I kept reminding each other how desperately we needed the weekend, how terribly demotivated we were and even more terribly tired. And I had to stay there until 4:30. Right now I just want my training to be done and over with. I need to get out of this company fast. It’s so depressing and I don’t want to become one of these people. The one good thing about today’s work was that I got to listen to Stina Nordenstam’s new album over and over again and it got better each time. I might write something about it for my website, but right now I’m just enjoying it as good as I can.

Current mood: oooooh, wasted
Listening to: I’m Staring Out The World by Stina Nordenstam (because I fell in love with it today)