Neglecting the Blog. Again.

There’s things to write about and stuff to tell, but I just can’t seem to find the right moment to actually do it. Damn.

Please be patient with me. I know I’ll come around, I always do. Just not tonight, maybe tomorrow.

(And of course, what can you expect. I came home after work today and barely managed to do the dishes when the husband called because he needed me to come pick him up, since of course he took the car to get to this world cup public viewing thing with free beer(!) and how did he ever expect to not get drunk enough to not be able to drive home. So I had to take the bus back and get the husband and my cousin and then drop my cousin off and drive the husband home. Only we did stop to buy ice cream first. Plus, he has a new haircut and it’s really really short. What was he thinking?)

Huh. Turns out I had something to write about after all. Although it was mostly ranting. It still counts, doesn’t it?

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  1. Ehle Says:

    If ranting doesn’t count, then I’m in big trouble. At least you got content.

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