Late for the Summer Burn 2006

I haven’t sent out my CDs yet, but I will either tomorrow or on Friday. I just never make it to the post office in time these days. Sorry to those who have to wait. I have the mixes ready, though, so don’t worry. For everybody else who wants to know, here’s the track listing for my very own summer compilation.

1. The Other Side of Summer – Elvis Costello (That was kind of a given.)
2. P-Town Rubies – Beth Hirsch
3. Galuppi Baldessare – Kris Delmhorst
4. Dead From the Waist Down – Catatonia
5. Little Plastic Castle – Ani DiFranco
6. Think (Freedom) – Aretha Franklin
7. Another Postcard – Barenaked Ladies
8. Dactylo Rock – Stereo Total
9. Too Big For Your Boots – Girls at our Best
10. Handsome Man – Robbie Williams
11. Intuition – Jewel
12. Stoppin the Love – KT Tunstall
13. 1963 – Rachael Yamagata
14. Crickets Sing for AnaMaria – Emma Bunton (So what?)
15. Ooh-Wakka-Doo-Wakka-Day – Gilbert O’Sullivan (Gilbert O’Sullivan makes me happy.)
16. San Francisco – Hello Saferide
17. Nobody Number One – Over the Rhine
18. Not Your Year – The Weepies
19. Beautiful Day – Katell Keineg
20. I Wonder Why the Wonderfalls – Andy Partridge
21. Portions for Foxes – Rilo Kiley

By the way, srah’s track listing is here.