Same day… later

Home is so much better. Pi is in the living room watching TV and I find some time to write before we watch one more episode of Alias on DVD. Pi commented on this show to be something like James Bond light and since I know what he meant I agree. Bottom line is we both like it and need to watch more.
I got two packages today so I’m really happy. After a long time waiting I finally can call Katell Keineg’s „High July“ my own alongside with the newest Stina Nordenstam record and a copy of Thackeray’s „Vanity Fair“. I was running out of train lecture, so it was definitely time.
There are all those things piling up and my mental to-do-list gets longer and longer. Basically they’re just unimportant stuff like „play Spellforce“, „watch Charmed“ (yea, I know) and so on, but there are also some slightly more important things I need to do. Like „update your homepage“ or „study“. I definitely need to study. Andreas and I looked at the final trainee exams from the last two years and admit we are both pretty ignorant so far and will fail with honor if we don’t do anything about it. Hey, what do I know about „Service Level Agreements“ or optical fibers. And why should I?
As for my homepage, I need to update it with the new version I worked on at work. I finally decided to use frames because it makes everything a hell of a lot easier. It would also be nice if I finally managed to really write something for my site, since that was the original thought behind it.

Current mood: As long as I’m not thinking about work I’m fine.
Listening to: Captain (Steal This Riff) by Katell Keineg, because she’s it.