William Mapother is Stalking Me, Pt. 2

For the second time now I recognized William Mapother in his less than 10 seconds appearance in a major movie. At least in „Minority Report“ he had something to say (as far as I remember, that is).
In „Vanilla Sky“ he’s just That One Guy In A Club That Sits Next To Penelope Cruz And Is Just Vaguely Visible For About Five Seconds. But my Mapothadar is always on it appears. There he was, The Poor Guy Who Happens To Be Tom Cruises’s Cousin And Therefore Seems To Be In Every Goddamn Movie Tom Stars In, I saw him rightaway and imdb confirmed it.

If William Mapother ever disappears, they just need to contact me. I have this strange ability to make him out in a crowd in a split second. At least I’m really good at something.