Advice For Those Of You Who Bike

If you’re having dinner with your mother and a friend of your mother’s who happens to be a professional biker (well not as in biking as a profession, but more like biking professionally) and you also happen to have recently started to go to work by bike every morning AND you also are not a big fan of those nice pretty helmets, here’s my advice: Don’t say you’re going to work by bike each day. Without a helmet.

Because guess what that gets you… Huh?

Well, it got me a nice pretty yellow helmet which I can’t help but wear now although I think I don’t even strap it on right and I have the slightest feeling it makes me look like an idiot. It could save my life though, which is right and the truth and just very very reasonable, so I have to wear it. It still makes me look like an idiot.