And Just Like That I Am A Jealous Woman

I would really like to like Sienna Miller, because she is so beautiful and graceful and hasn’t done me any harm at all. Which might be because we never met, she being a celebrity (although I am not so sure how she made it into In Style) and me, well… not so much. So, because I easily want beautiful celebrities to be my best buddies, pretty Sienna should be one of my top choices.

Yet, I can’t. Friggin‘ bitch got herself engaged to beautiful, beautiful, beautiful Jude Law, so there’s no way she’s ever going to be my best buddy, even if she begged for it. So, you can all go to Go Fug Yourself and point and laugh. You should go there anyway, but right now I’m sending you.

And, in case you were wondering: Yes, I am aware that I recently got married to the sweetest man ever. So what? Jude Law didn’t exactly get unsexier because of that. Nor did Hugh Grant for that matter.