Not-So-Little-At-All Voice

I can’t help but adore Jane Horrocks with everything I could possibly adore her with. I think even my little toes adore her. Have you heard that girl sing? And if you haven’t, why the freaking hell not?

My favorite song of her is ‚Hello Dolly‘ with the imitating of all those great singers. I think it’s from the movie ‚Little Voice‘ and I actually should know because I have actually seen that movie, but frankly, as much as I adore Jane Horrocks I was kind of bored with ‚Little Voice‘, so what I remember of it is all blurry and non-reliable information.

I still don’t get how so small a person can have such an unbelievable voice. But then again, some of the best piano players have really short fattish fingers, so I guess that looks can really be deceiving.