Now I’m Even More Scared

Cowards! The cowards dubbed ‚The Apprentice‘. They dubbed the Donald. What are they? Insane? Or just common idiots?

The worst thing is that (obviously) there are a lot of desperate and/or broke dubbing speakers in this country who will do anything including dubbing ‚The Apprentice‘. Which also includes dubbing Omarosa and the other bunchof psychos, just to give you an illustration of how desperate they must be exactly.
And then these dubbing speakers aren’t desperate and/or broke for no reason. Because they’re really really bad. I guess that usually they only get to dub porn. And that’s what ‚The Apprentice‘ sounds like here, like a really bad soft porn movie.

It doesn’t help my mental health to have the picture of all the candidates suddenly going for each other. I need to get that picture out of my head. So if you’ll excuse me: I’m going to bed now, having nightmares.

PS: Did you ever notice that if you mistype „Scared“, which I do ever so often, there’s a big chance that it will turn out to be „Sacred“? I think it’s actually a good thing I always check my spelling before I publish my posts.

3 Responses to “Now I’m Even More Scared”

  1. DeAnn Says:

    It would have been pretty hilarious if your title was „Now I’m Even More Sacred,“ I must say.

    About The Apprentice being dubbed: Was this in German? I’m assuming you speak both, right, but would prefer it to be in English? Also, Omarosa didn’t speak on the finale here. Are you one or two seasons behind or something?!

    Also, I’m done with The Apprentice as of now. Did you know that?

  2. True Jersey Girl Says:

    Hello, Michelle sent me! That must have been so odd to watch The Apprentice dubbed! Especially Omorosa!

  3. caitlin Says:

    it’s german tv- of course it’s dubbed! they dub anything they can! sometimes they even redub things that were originally in german, i think. my fave is when there’s an english speaking politician, and you can start to hear what he’s saying, then they turn the volume way way down and blast the german translation overtop.

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