I’m Scared, I’m Really Scared

One of Germanys broadcasting companies RTL is showing ‚The Apprentice‘ starting tonight at 12:35 am. Strange time, yes. I believe they chose to show it that late in the evening because they figured the interest wouldn’t be that great. The German version of the Apprentice, ‚Big Boss‘, was pretty much crawling on the bottom of the ratings. There even was another version called ‚Hire or Fire‘ that was cancelled after just one episode.

But anyway, so far I’m okay with these plans. What I’m not okay with is that from all I have experienced in German television I’m pretty sure they are going to dub Donald and his friends and that’s everything but good. There are a few basic rules when it comes to TV and one of them is: Don’t dub a reality TV show. Because it never ever friggin‘ work. I’m already afraid of the strange voices and poor translations.

I’m nevertheless taking a peek tonight, because after all I want to see the damage done personally. And maybe I also have a tiny little bit of hope that they decided for subtitles after all. If they did, bravo.

Oh my, who am I kidding?