Home Improvement – Light Edition

Home Improvement

These past days I’ve been thinking about (re-)decorating the apartment. The re- you could probably omit (hence the brackets), since the problem right now is exactly the lack of any decoration so far.

Mostly I want to paint some walls, and I was thinking a dark red for the dining room, some nice light brown for the bedroom, dark grey for the living room and maybe some dark green for my room. The latter would be perfect for the print of Bill Murray (Broken Flowers phase I think) I have got but haven’t framed yet.

We also still need a couple of lamps for the dining room, living room and kitchen. Since the dining room and kitchen are one room we’re talking about a whole bunch of lamps which also serve all different kinds of purpose ranging for mostly decorative to pretty much functional, which doesn’t make anything easier.

Then to make our life just a tiny bit more complicated, we realized that the way we had set up our dining table wasn’t the best one. It was just a matter of making room to test out the husband’s newest toy, a remote-controlled model helicopter, so he pushed the table right back to the wall, rotated by 90 degrees and today we both though that this actually worked a lot better. But we’re not sure yet. The way the table was before seemed like the most natural way and now I’m not so sure. Which of course wouldn’t be so bad, given that we can easily move the table around, but… if we really decide on a lamp for the dining room, we need to know where the table should be and stick to it. Damn.

In less complicated news I spent last evening applying various leaf and flower stickers to one of the walls and moved the little palm tree which served as the decorative element for that wall until then to the little hallway upstairs which does one hell of a job atmosphere-wise for the „room“. Had I known that effect I would have done that a lot earlier. I’m just not so sure how the plant likes it, since this is the only room that gets nearly no natural light at all. Poor plant. Maybe I can make up for the lack of sunshine by patting it once in a while. Might work.