As For Relaxing…

I almost forgot… yes, of course there will be a short vacation this year as well. This year the planning more or less fell into my hands (again, I’d say), with a few basic requirements. Not too far away, but nice. The not too far away mostly was a requirement because again we will only be gone for one week and we wanted something that we could easily get to in a few hours. A suggestion was France with an idea of the Netherlands thrown in casually somewhen, but I stuck to France, because it still is what I first think of when you talk vacation. (Due to my parents insistence that France is the country you go to on your vacation, an insistence, I might add that I never found fault with.) Plus, I’m thinking good food.

The first idea then was Burgundy, some apartment in the country, because it’s close enough but also seemed pleasant enough from what I could gather from the catalogue I got for vacation rentals. I dug around on the Internet some more and – I don’t really remember how it happened – I stumbled upon some apartments in Colmar, which is not Burgundy by a long shot, but Alsace. Then I looked at some pictures of the town and my-oh-my does it look pretty. Also, Alsace means wine, Flammkuchen, Spätzle, kugelhoupf and whatnot, so gastronomically it sounded like a gold mine.

So, to make a not-so-long story even shorter I found a place (which I discovered with delight was furnished heavily on the IKEA side of life) right in the center of Colmar for not even that much to pay for. So, from what I could see from the contract and pictures the landlord sent me, I think this is about what we’ll be looking at when we walk out the front door. So if you’re jealous right now… it’s okay, you should be.