Shower Dearest

Why, why, oh why do you insist that there is no acceptable temperature other than either boiling hot or freezing cold? Yeah, I know you sometimes try to understand my weird way of thinking and make a half-hearted attempt to try out this strange and obscure temperature I would call comfortably warm. And just when I think ‚There we go‘ you decide that this is way too strange for you and why would anybody would want warm when they can have HOT! HOT! HOT! I mean, what am I even thinking?

You know that I really like you. I like that you’re surrounded by transparent whatever-material-this-is and not a not-transparent shower curtain, because really, one of the few things I’m really afraid of is that some ghost will attack me while I’m under the shower. Yeah. You heard me. Ghost. Not burglar. Not rapist. Not murderer. Ghost. Because my brain works in mysterious ways. However now I can watch the bathroom while I’m showering which is so much better than pulling the curtain aside every freaking two minutes.

So, yeah, I really like you. I even think I could love you, if you could just do this one tiny little thing for me and just give me warm water. Please? Pretty please?