Sensational News. Not.

We have curtains in the bedroom now. And, yes, I consider this big news, because this is what my life is right now. There’s curtains and lamps (we have seventeen lights and only got lamps for about half of them… the rest is still fancy light bulbs swinging happily from the ceiling) and pictures and whatnot. If somebody had told me how much work it is to get your new home homey, well, we’d still have moved, but we probably wouldn’t have been so surprised.

In other news I found a network that will let me access my mail and my mail only. I have no idea why that is, and I don’t really care. It’s more than I had before and I totally can work with that. It’s like… “News? Nope. Amazon? Are you kidding me? Skype? Pfff. Google Mail? Sure, go ahead.”

Apparently it’s a crazy world I live in. As if I didn’t know that already.

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  1. Kjersti Says:

    Moving isn’t fun. But when it’s all done it’s pretty cool! I don’t know where half my stuff is though :S

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