Use It While It’s There

Oh my god. I found some unsecured network again. Sure I’m kneeling in front of our living room window with the notebook on the windowsill, because I’m too scared to move it like even a tenth of an inch, because who knows what might happen. The internet might be gone again and never come back! And who would risk that?

So, here’s the scoop for you and hell, am I typing fast for fear that the internet might be gone again. Like, as if I didn’t have access from work where I spend half of my time anyway or something like that, but still, I don’t really like blogging from work, so I usually don’t do it. Everything is fine, we still don’t have a kitchen, but are working on it. We’re also working on having our own internet access, so that we don’t need to ruin our knees but can sit on the couch instead, which – believe me – is way more comfortable than what I am doing right now.


I’m sort of crouching now, if anyone is interested.

I also want to say, that YES, Caitlin, I got your present and it’s awesome. So there you go. Of course my conscience is killing me now, because I didn’t send you anything, but there you go. There will be something somewhen soon. Promise.

So that’s it for now, but stay tuned. There’s still hope that we might be no longer internetless really soon.