Where Did This Year Go?

Wasn’t it spring only recently?

Anyway, somehow stuff piles up at the end of the year and I’m barely able to catch my breath. In between I get sick (last weekend for the third and hopefully last time).

Now there’s dinner with my aunt today, at a great Korean/Japanese restaurant we discovered some weeks ago. There’s a birthday party on Saturday, plans to stay a weekend with a friend in Eastern Germany in two weeks and then it’s already my last day at work. Then comes Christmas and of course New Year’s Eve, which we will spend in Darmstadt with friends.

So, yes, my calendar is more or less packed with stuff to do and places to go. It will be fun, but I also can’t remember ever having so many things planned before. If I weren’t so excited I’d be overwhelmed. As it is, I’m a little bit of both.

Our dear Knipsi broke a pin and had to be returned to the store to be repaired. Don’t be worried, I’m sure everything will be alright soon. I just hope, she’ll be back by the time for our trip to Mittweida, so we can take lots of pictures of our adventures in the Wild East.

In other news I won the limerick contest at my company’s Christmas party last Friday. Or, my team won, but since I wrote the limerick, I think it’s fair to say that I won. I’m very proud. Unfortunately the limerick is in German, so I don’t know if it makes any sense to include it here. You can still be proud of me, though. Wouldn’t mind that.