The Silver Lining

This week has been one of the worse ones so far. Somehow I just don’t like work right now, I’m constantly complaining, the weather changed from sunny and warm (well, hot actually) to gray, cold and wet, basically: It was just not my week.

Andreas, Winnie and I kept bitching about mostly everything in emails and via ICQ. Now there you have three software developers all in pretty bad moods. At least we understand each other and pretty much know what the other is bitching about and can totally relate. It does help.

And the just about a couple of minutes ago the husband called and told me a package has arrived. It’s my bento box! It’s finally here! Yay for that! Now my gloomy mood has changed to cheerful and happy in… well… let’s say… 2.7 seconds. Maybe less.

I will now be able to fill my pretty little box with pretty little food every day and have myself a moment of bliss at work. I can’t wait.