Thanks a Whole Lot for a Bunch of Nothing

Dear Charmed,

ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? Was there any reason I had to suffer through more than half a season of the crappiest crap of television just to find out that you actually can be a good show, once you get your shit together and try? I don’t think I deserved this.

Those last six or seven episodes were good TV. No really. I liked them. I actually couldn’t stop watching, because it was entertaining and interesting and good. Especially the second to last episode was really good. No kidding here. I watched six episodes of Charmed in a row and I didn’t wish for my head to explode. Not once. Can you imagine that?

So, why, whyyyyy, dear Charmed, did you torment me with all these crappy episodes all season long? Because you can be good. You can be fun. You can even be touching, for Pete’s sake. Please.

Anyway, it’s over now. It should have been over last season, but you chose to come back. At least I liked the finale. It was nice. And fun. And kind of cool.

Rest in peace and goodbye. For good.