I So Don’t Dance

So I’m not a dancer. Big deal. I do funny dances for my husband and I occasionally dance when I’m in the right mood and/or drunk and/or the right music is playing. But chances are that I am in the right mood and drunk and the right music is playing and I still won’t dance. Because I’m not a dancer.

May the first is a holiday here. It roughly translates to „Day of work“ so naturally nobody has to go to work. I’m not really sure what this is holiday is about, I just know that you’re supposed to dance into it. There are tons of „Tanz in den Mai“ parties going on and unfortunately we were invited to one.

That wouldn’t have been so bad if a) we hadn’t been invited to our neighbor’s birthday party the night before where my husband got really drunk on Ouzo and is now officially ‚vomit-free since 2005‘ (poor guy) and b) we had known anybody at that party apart from the girl who invited us. Even worse, I have issues with that girl. I know that I’m not always fair, but we started off not exactly great and I may not be trying hard enough to let it go. It doesn’t exactly help that every time we meet she’s all over my husband and it’s not like I’m blind or dumb or anything. Whatever.

Now here’s the real deal. I didn’t get that party. I mean it’s called ‚Tanz in den Mai‘ which as I said means something like ‚Dance into May‘ and so you’d expect that there’s dancing involved. And I’m fine with that as long as I’m not forced to dance.
For starters, the party was in a basement. That’s not as bad as it sounds. Especially considering that we drove through a freaking rainstorm getting there it was good that the party took place indoors. But… see, I’m only 25. And I would say and probably be right that I was one of the youngest people there. I would guess that the average age was around 30 or something. Anyway, I kind of had the idea that around the age of like 23 or so you start throwing and going to parties where – although there is music – the music isn’t so damn loud that every conversation is just impossible to even start. There was just no way you could talk to anyone without screaming at them. You just don’t get to know people that way. We came there knowing nobody and we left there having talked to about two people, not including the girl who invited us.

I really like going to parties. I like having one at our place. I do play music then. But I try to keep it at a volume that allows people to talk to each other. Am I too old for these parties? Too boring? Not fun enough? Or do I maybe have a point?

I’m not 16 anymore and neither were all of these people I never got the chance to get to know. At least I don’t think they were. I never got the chance to ask them.