More Randy Fantalk

You remember when I said I kind of love Randy Newman. Yeah. I recently re-disocovered sail away and now I like to sing along to ‚Last Night I Had a Dream‘, ‚Political Science‘ and ‚Simon Smith and his Amazing Dancing Bear‘ at top notch. Preferably while I’m washing the dishes.

I just thought about how awesomely amazingly cool it would be if someone on American Idol would actually decide to sing ‚Political Science‘ in one of the shows. Like that episode on Ally McBeal, only way cooler. I would immediately fall in love with that person. At least I imagine I would.

Same goes for ‚Short People‘ by the way. I think Ayla should have sung it. How much fun would that have been?

Did I mention that I kind of love Randy Newman? Oh, I think I did. Like three times now.