Jamie Watches Crime Shows (Only Not Really)

No, I don’t watch a lot of crime shows. For example, I can say (without lying) that I have never seen a complete episode of any C.S.I series. Nope. None.

The only two crime shows I currently watch are ‚Bones‘ and ‚Close to Home‘. But ‚Close to Home‘ actually is a law show, so I guess the only crime show I watch is ‚Bones‘.

It took me a time to realize it, but ‚Bones‘ is a really good show. They do a really good job when it comes to character development, the cases are interesting and vary a lot, and most of the times the writing is really good, even funny. The Christmas episode was really sweet, too. I might have cried. A little.

Not-so-very-long story short, I just wanted to say that I really enjoy watching ‚Bones‘. This might not be the most interesting thing I could write about, but considering that this show got dumped by Television Without Pity pretty fast, I felt it was my viewer’s obligation to mention that it’s a show I genuinely enjoy for everything it has to offer.