A Trip to a Strange Town

So, on Saturday we finally drove to Düsseldorf to check out the fancy bookstore I read about. It was awesome. Lots and lots and lots of books, bagels for breakfast, everything I could possibly want.

Plus, I got the A1-experience of feeling like a tourist in a town that is not even 30 minutes away from where we live. Strange, but strangely fun. Andreas told me how to get to the Japanese district, but we didn’t make it, since we wanted to get home early because we had friends coming over that night. Next time, then.

Also, I accidentally stole something. Yes, it’s possible. You may or may not be aware that I am one of the most honest people in the world. There are just so many things I will not do because I think they are not allowed and I’m either afraid someone will call me on it or I just feel bad doing them. Lying is one thing. I think I don’t even suck at lying, but I feel so bad doing it. In my view it’s one of the ultimate and worst relationship spoilers. I can’t lie to my husband. I may not tell him something right away, but I will not lie to him. Same with mostly anyone who means the slightest bit to me.

So, yes that’s me. And I accidentally stole something. A magazine. But it was more of a poor paper quality book magazine that I thought was for free, because it was right there with all the other free book magazines. They’re mostly advertising anyway. It’s book advertising, so it’s interesting enough to read. I only discovered at home that it was supposed to cost a Euro.

Yeah. Sorry for that. Next time I’ll know. Only I won’t spend a Euro on it. I will just not accidentally steal one. Sorry again.



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