Flights booked and confirmed? Check. Yes, BA knows that we’re on the plane. Good to know.
Suitcases organized? Check.
Done loads and loads and loads of laundry? Check.
Minor research on Chicago public transit? Check.
Traveller’s cheques requested? Check.
Called Caitlin? Check.
Credit card? Check.
International driver’s license for the husband? Check.

Been prepared for the mess that goes along with a mere trying of renting a car when you are only 24 and have a credit card, and your husband is old enough but doesn’t have a credit card, which unfortunately is something no car rental company can appropriately deal with? A big fat non-check.

GAAAA! Somebody should have told us before. Our hopes lie in the few rental companies I found late this night that are either not that anal on young driver’s and/or accept payment in cash and/or are willing to deal with the fact that the driver and the person who pays isn’t the same person. I can only wish we won’t be disappointed when I call them tomorrow to find out if I can dare make my online reservation.