Songs To Listen To After Crying

Just a few examples… I should make a mix of those songs.

Song About The Moon – Paul Simon
The laughing boy he laughed so hard
He fell down from his place
The lauging girl she laughed so hard
The tears rolled down her face

Cultivate – Rachael Sage
It isn’t fair that the only thing I
Need’s what I don’t have
And it cracks you up that I’m oh so sad

Under My Skin – Rachel Yamagata
Would you please come out from under my skin
Cause I can’t begin this yet
And I don’t know what my intentions are here
Speaking in a different tongue

Alan Bean – Stina Nordenstam
Cause it’s hard to return from a trip to the moon
It’s not a game to return from a trip to the moon

Pixie – Ani diFranco
So, just suck up,
Suck up
And be nice.

The Ballad of Tom Jones – Space w/ Cerys Matthews
You stopped us from hating each other
(Tom Jones, Tom Jones)
You’ll never know but you saved our lives

Daybreaker – Beth Orton
We’re doing fine now
Yeah, we do
We don’t feel sad or bad or blue

Mr E’s Beautiful Blues – Eels
Goddamn right
It’s a beautiful day

Believe me, I know.