I’m having very vivid dreams recently. This night I had kind of a nightmare about how several uncles and aunts of mine were killed when their plane exploded (I think it didn’t crash, but exploded right in the air) and I was just so sad and crying all the time and not willing to believe it. Then we (my husband and I) were in a plane ourselves, but all the luggage was just stuffed in the back and there was a hole in the ground where you could get in and out via some strange sort of rope or ladder and there was this guy who hated me for whatever reason and didn’t help me at all when I wanted to get in although I somehow managed. I think he was Dr. Kelso from Scrubs, which is a serious and disturbing sign of my recent obsession with Scrubs. I don’t remember much about the flight, but I do remember that we finally landed and I think then the dream was over.

Late this afternoon I took a three-hour nap, which is scary enough. How can I sleep so long in the afternoon when I didn’t get up until 10 am in the morning. Well, whatever.
So, I remember I went with my mother to the bank where she wanted to talk about something. I think I left for some while and didn’t know what she wanted to talk about and somehow in the course of the dream I learned that she got enough money together to buy a new house. She kept talking about „that yellow house“ and I tried to make her tell me where it was supposed to be and asked about several neighborhoods until she said that it had a great view on the river and then I knew where it was. It was supposed to be a big old house and for some reason I knew that I was going to live there, too, though I can’t really tell whether it was alone with her or with my parents and my husband, it was just clear that I was moving there, too. I also don’t know what was happening to my parents‘ old house, but the location and the house somehow were really great, so I got excited, too and checked it out on my bike.
I think it’s always strange when you remember tiny details from your dream, but are only fuzzy about the big picture. Most of the neighborhoods I asked my mother about really exist, though the one that turned out to be the right one doesn’t exist at all. It seemed fairly familiar though, so I can’t help but thinking that I might have dreamed about it before.

So, what’s wrong with me? You got the material, go ahead and analyze. And don’t get too fixed on the Dr. Kelso detail. It probably means that I watch too much TV and we all know that.