Thinking in Blog

This blog has really become a part of my life. I can tell, because every so often something happens and I find myself thinking: ‚I can’t wait to get to write about that.‘

That also resembles the way my blog changed over the months since I started it in October. At the beginning it was mostly an online diary. I would write an entry a day (not even every day) about what I had done that or the other day. I wrote long posts that included everything that came into my mind.

Now I think my blog resembles more a notebook or something like that. It’s not that much a diary then it is a collection of thoughts, experiences and events. Most days I write several entries about different things, things that do not have a direct connection.

Finally I also find that I have certain threads in my blog. The marriage-thread or the tenant-thread are two examples and there are a few more.

All in all the way I think about my blog changed over the past few months. I guess it was bound to change from the beginning. When I started I had no idea how it would be. I didn’t know how long I would stick with it and I certainly had no idea if anybody would ever read my blog. I also knew very few blogs myself. That all has changed rapidly during the last few months and hence, my blog has changed. I think it’s a wild mixture of influences from other blogs, the feedback I get, all the cool and/or useful features I could find and also myself, of course.

I am now a person who thinks in blog from time to time. And I love when this happens: ‚Ah, now there’s something I can write about.‘