I Try To Take It As A Compliment, But It’s Really Hard

I just don’t know what to make of this.

When I came back from work the boyfriend met with me and we went to eat turkish fast food and did some grocery shopping afterwards. We had four items: milk, some instant pasta thing and two bottles of beer.

I then had to go through the following dialogue with the nice lady at the cashier:

She: Can I see your ID, please?

Me: Excuse me?

She: Your ID, please?

Me: My ID?

She: Yes.

Me: Because of what? The beers?

She: Yes, can I see it?

Me: I’m (fuckin‘) 24! (I didn’t say fucking, but the tone pretty much included it.)

She: Yeah, I need to see it.

Me (showing the ID): Please go on.

She: We have to these days, you know.

Me: I understand. It’s okay.

It really isn’t.
For some reason I feel offended because she wanted to see my ID. I’m 24, for crying out loud. I can officially drink beer for more than six years now. I’m an adult. I’m a real long way from non-drinking age.

Now honestly, do I look like I could be under 18?
I took that picture about 10 minutes ago, so it shows pretty much what the nice lady at the grocery shop saw. It’s not a great picture, but that’s how I look right now.

Yes, I’m officially grown up. Posted by Hello

For some reason, the boyfriend was even more pissed than I was. I mean, I tried to take the whole ‚looking-younger-than-you-are‘ as a compliment, but I’m not old enough for that yet. At all.

Apart from that, the beers weren’t even for me. They’re for the boyfriend only. I don’t even like beer.

I could drink it, though and it’d be fucking legal.