Holy Crap, My Subconscious Works in Mysterious Ways

Yesterday evening we watched Aviator and I was confused more or less the whole time because a) I couldn’t decide whether I liked Cate Blanchett as Katherine Hepburn and b) I couldn’t shake the feeling that Cate Blanchett looked about ten years older than Leonardo DiCaprio which kind of ruined the whole Hughes/Hepburn relationship for me. (I just checked and she is five years older, so at least I wasn’t completely off.)

However last night I dreamt that my husband didn’t know who Katherine Hepburn was. He was all like „So, this Hepburn woman, who was that supposed to be?“ and I couldn’t believe that he didn’t know that. I was honestly confused about this in my dream But then again, admittedly, I think I watched about one movie in which she played, and I don’t even remember it that well, and it was „Bringing up Baby“, so I probably only watched it because I think Cary Grant is just so sexy, so I should most probably shut up already.

And by the way, I asked today. He knows who Mrs. Hepburn is, so we got that settled. Thank God. I mean, how could you not know, who she is, unless of course, anything that happened before you were born is a complete black hole for you and you are any one of the six girls (out of eight in total) in my French class, who had no idea what Woodstock was other than that bird in the comic strip. Jeez. I thought I totally forgot about that moment.