Jealous Me on a Sunny Sunday & Stuff

I’m writing this from bed. Not because of any particular reason, but because I can. And I can, because I have this awesome shiny new MacBook and now I can do all these things I couldn’t do before. Like brushing up my CSS on the balcony or watching American Idol in the living room and simultaneously reading the recap for the show on Television Without Pity or blogging from bed. I can do all this now. Makes you think very hard about why I even bothered about having a life before. I mean it didn’t seem so bad back then in the days before the MacBook, but it must’ve been, right? Right?

Anyway, there was something else I wanted to write about. It’s about New York. I know that Caitlin wants me to forget all about New York and just move on to loving Chicago already. Which, I do, really. But, I mean, come on, we’re talking about New York here. You cannot forget about it.

I stumbled about someone’s pictures of New York on flickr and immediately got jealous. Because this is my standard reaction to anything concerning New York. You plan on going to New York for vacation. I’m jealous. You just came back from a fabulous trip from New York. I’m jealous. You live in New York. I’m so jealous I want to kill you.

Remember, this is coming from someone who has actually been to New York, so it’s not some fantasy about a place I have only seen in movies. Granted, I didn’t have to work 100 hours a week to be able to pay for a one bedroom apartment like I imagine everybody who lives there does. But still, oh so damn jealous.

Which reminds of another thing. I noticed that nothing triggers spontaneous memories as good as smells. Every now and then it happens that I walk along some street and some smell immediately transports me to this and that moment. I love it when that happens. I love the fact that this is something so mysterious and hard to grasp, like you cannot describe what it is, but it’s still there and it just happens and some times it makes me so very happy. Like I’m walking down a street and suddenly I think it’s summer and I’m in New York.

Want to know the smells that usually do this? Smells of food.

True story.