I Know Too Many Songs

This weekend I had my first karaoke experience. And it was fun.

We were at a birthday party and it turned out that they always bring out the karaoke equipment sooner or later. You should also know that I was not the slightest bit drunk, because I was the designated driver. Don’t pity for this, by the way, I don’t mind not drinking every now and then and can enjoy myself on coke and orange juice as well.

Strangely enough I can be quite timid when it comes to karaoke in front of so many people. I guess it’s because I somehow take it very seriously and want to do it right. This doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy it, but I try very hard to find the right song for my voice and I now know that „Don’t Go Breaking my Heart“ is NOT it.

It was well after midnight when I really started to fully enjoy it. By then most of the party guests had left and we were about ten or so and I landed my first hit with „Karaoke Queen“ by Catatonia, which nobody else knew (philistines!), which was probably a good thing, because I got the melody of the bridge all wrong. However it only got better afterward, plus it turned out that I’m pretty good at choosing the songs as well. Maybe it’s because – unlike other people – I actually know the titles of songs and so was able to pick classics like „The Shoop Shoop Song“ and „Daydream Believer“.

Things I learned as well:

– Apparently not everybody spends his teenage years learning every damn song they like by heart. It pays off, though. At least when it’s karaoke night and you actually don’t need to look at the screen to sing „Ironic“.
– „Time Warp“ is a great song, but not for karaoke. Damnit.
– A refrain gets boring somewhen between the third and fourth repeat.
– I really do love karaoke.