When I dream of places that really exist, instead of those weird surreal places I usually dream of, most often I dream of my old apartment building in Bonn where I lived for three years. It hardly ever looks like my apartment building, but I know that it is the one and I usually get slightly nostalgic after I woke up from those dreams.

However, last night I dreamt of the Citicorp building in New York. You might want to know that I spent a lot of time in the Citicorp building, either in the Barnes & Nobles or the waiting hall at the lower floor, so I guess it has a special place in my memory. Last night I was there with the husband, though I have absolutely no idea what we were doing there. I was all „I know my way around here“ and when he needed to go to the bathroom I knew we needed to go to the lower floor because that was where the bathrooms were (and probably still are). So we took the escalator down and landed right where the security guys always sat (and probably still sit), only they had lots and lots of bowls and plates with coins on them and they tried to tell us that we were supposed to donate a bit of money to whatever it was they were collection for.

Strangely enough they didn’t bother talking to us, but rather tried to show us what we were supposed to do. So they waved around the husband’s face with one of the bowls and indicated that he should take a coin and put it there. Needless to say we were confused and didn’t really understand what those scary guys wanted. It was really frustrating for both sides and I think my husband never really got to the bathroom. Luckily it was just a dream.