Jamie vs. CSS

I won! I won!
We went through many rounds and punched each other hard, but in the end I won! Ha! That’ll show it (him? her?).

For now I’m pretty satisfied with the changes. I managed to solve the border problem, the problem being that I wanted a border and there wasn’t one. I also solved the mystery of the background image and actually fumbled around in a php script to make the blogroll look nicer. And I succeeded. Once again: Ha!

I’m not so sure about the background image, so that just might change in the days to come. Unfortunately the one I liked best also had the ability to make you nauseous by staring at it for too long. And since I want all of you to stare at my blog for quite some time I had to try another. Too bad. It was really pretty. And nauseating.

So, here it is now, though I’m not sure if I won’t go changing little things every now and then. So far I’m just happy I won my fight against CSS and PHP (see, it wasn’t even fair!) and I can go to bed happy tonight.