Cologne Shopping Spree

The result of a four hour shopping spree in Cologne:

– four CDs (Ani DiFranco’s „Little Plastic Castles“1 and Keren Ann’s „Nolita“ plus two Jazz CDs for the husband)
– a new phone (actually two phones plus an answering machine, which we didn’t have until now)
– Erroll Garner piano transcriptions (also for the husband)

… and my favorite one – this:

If you think that doesn’t qualify as a real bad-ass shopping spree, I think I should mention the three books, two calendars (well, yes, I need two) and one DVD box that I ordered from amazon today. And the one CD I bought yesterday. I’m crazy. And I really love my new shoes.

1Just so you know, Caitlin, they do have lots of Ani CDs at the CD store where we were. And not too expensive as well. I’m a lucky girl.