Random Things on a Random Tuesday

  • So, there’s this fly in my room and it’s absolutely in love with me. It keeps coming back no matter how hard I try to swoosh it away.
  • So, is swoosh an actual word? And if so, did I use it in the right context?
  • The maniacs are shutting down the warm water and heat for two full days in our house. What is this, summer? Okay, it’s not even cold, but I really like the heat on these days.
  • Why do I try to be good when I play Black & White 2? It seems to take all the mad fun out of the game.
  • I sent Andreas two Agnes comics to which he replied (and I quote): I hate comics about us.
  • This fly is driving me nuts.
  • I have no idea how I survived this long without an iPod.
  • If you still don’t watch Veronica Mars and it’s not because you don’t have a TV (good excuse, Caitlin), then I can’t help you anymore.
  • So, Natascha hasn’t heard of the Princess Bride, which means that I’m officially off the shame-on-you-hook. If she doesn’t know it, how could I? I mean, she’s the one who watched “Princess Fantaghiro” and that other princess-themed fantasy mini series like a thousand times. I’m not.
  • Natascha has a job as a therapist specializing in neuro-psychology now. She has her own big office with a freaking balcony. I share my tiny office at my (momentarily) crappy job with someone who hates the Muppets. What’s that supposed to tell me?
  • What does the fly want in my hair?
  • Then again, I spent three years perfectioning the art of entertaining myself and she spent five years studying her ass off, so maybe sometimes you really get what you give.
  • I really want to tell you all about our trip, but I’m still cranky that I have to go back to work, and I have to catch up on my TV, and I have a large pile of books to read, and I have Black and White 2 to play and my iPod to update. I’m a hell of busy woman.
  • My hair is all frizzy.
  • Good night.

2 Responses to “Random Things on a Random Tuesday”

  1. Justine Says:

    If Ani DiFranco and Aimee Mann are worthy of the wxpn countdown (which they CERTAINLY ARE!) then “swoosh” is definitely a word, and I believe you used it in the correct context. At least I would use it that way. Yay for good music tastes!!!

  2. caitlin Says:

    yes, swoosh is a word, but i don’t know if it’s the correct context. i would say swat the fly. i would say swoosh the butter around in the bottom of the frying pan, swoosh the paper into the trashcan from across the room, and especially swoosh the mop over the kitchen floor.

    but that’s just me.

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