I Will Watch Too Much TV

Here’s how you learn it in school: you use the „is-going-to-future“ if you are planning to do something or have the power to decide about something in the future and you use the „will-future“ if something is more or less going to happen without you being able to do a lot about it.

Okay, that’s not the whole of rules, but it’s what I remember best, aside from the very special rule „Use what sounds better“, which works amazingly often.

So, when I say „I Will Watch Too Much TV“ you realize that I can’t really do a lot about it, eh? The grammar tells you.

And just so you know how terribly busy I will be starting this fall. I should get extra-holiday from my boss. I mean it’s like I’m doing this for fun or that I have a real choice in the matter or something like this.

This is what I’ll be watching, returning shows only…

Arrested Development (And you should, too.)
Charmed (I don’t know why… I just have to watch it.)
Desperate Housewives (It’s kind of overrated and everyone’s watching it, even here for god’s sake, but who am I not to?)
House (Quoting Space Suitcase on Hugh Laurie: youza!)
Lost (Maybe they will answer some of the questions they raised. I haven’t given up yet.)
Smallville (Oh, come on. You watch it, too. Or thought about it at least.)
Veronica Mars (Hell, yes!)

And that’s not counting what I watch in-between on DVD or any of the new shows premiering. I will come to those later… now I have to go to bed, because my husband says my stuffed toy rabbit is crying because I’m not there. Yes, we’re about four years old.