Beware, Streets Of My Hometown

I drove! I drove a real car! Better yet, I drove my parents‘ car which just proves how much my mother trusts me. That may not sound very spectacular to you, but it is when you consider that I haven’t driven a car in about 4 years or more. Even more I think. And with teenagers not able to get their driver’s license until they’re 18, it’s not hard to see that I haven’t had that much of driving experience in my life so far. I never had a car of my own, so I always had to take my parents‘ car when I needed to go somewhere. But, however: I drove. And there were no accidents or casualties of any kind.

I now will see that I get to drive a little more regularly than I did in the last few years. My mother, by the way, agrees, so I guess the next time we’re going somewhere together I might get to drive a little. Yay me.

It also was important that I check if I still remember how to work a car, because we need my parents‘ car next weekend, if only for a very short way and we want to drive around when we are in the US in fall, so by then I need to have some more experience, because although I never missed it a lot, I love to drive. Also, we’re thinking about getting a car somewhen not too soon from now and I don’t exactly intend to wreck that car on my first drive.

So, yay for me again, because I still can drive.