I Will Never EVER Have A Life

You wanna know how I spent my Sunday afternoon? I sat on the couch and watched Gilmore Girls. And I know it’s stupid and wrong and immature and lazy and there are so many other things I could spend my time with that are probably better and let’s not forget it is summer and actually quite nice outside, although the sun doesn’t shine, but, heck, it’s warm… so…

See? I already talk like them. This is insane. And stupid. And immature, but I believe I said that before.

But I just couldn’t stop watching. And laughing. And crying. And adoring all the characters AND actors all the time. What’s wrong with the people who think out the Emmy nominations anyway? Does their mind just go blank when they hear the word „WB“? Yes, I know and I do agree that the WB has managed to produce a lot of crappy shows at least from what I heard, but this? Is not one of them. And while we’re at it, I wasn’t a big fan of Smallville during its first season, too, but now that’s one of my favorite shows. Emmy people, you suck! But thanks for nominating Arrested Development like a thousand times, I still like you for that.

Where was I? Oh, yes, I laughed and I cried and I cried some more about Luke, because he’s so damn sweet and breaks my heart every time he says a single word. And I cried during that hospital scene with Lorelai and her father, because that, seriously, was one of the finest moments of TV I have seen in quite a while. And now I just know that I will run out of Gilmore Girls material in no time and feel very bad when I order the second season, because I just spent 900 Euros on our flights and my credit card is whining already. But what can I do when they just keep throwing good television at me? I’m addicted, guys and you, you are most certainly not helping.

Good to know though, Andreas will be very proud of me.

And on the next „I Watch Too Much TV“: Jamie admits that she found a most probably not-so-legal screener of Kitchen Confidential on the web and won’t stop about how great and great and terribly great Bradley Cooper is and if you’re not watching this when it premieres in September, you’re plain stupid. Later she will apologize for her stupid and immature and totally addicted behaviour and you should really forgive her, because apart from the insanity, she’s a really a nice girl.