Love Via Snail Mail

Yesterday I came home and found a package lying on the steps of the stairs.

You will have to know that for whatever reason we have the tiniest mailboxes in the whole wide world. Everything that’s even slightly bigger than a normal letter doesn’t fit in, so it either sticks out for every stranger to steal it or the postman has to get inside and put it somewhere on the stairs.

The package came from Caitlin and inside were three mix CDs she made and sent me. I got the ‚Bad Boyfriend‘-mix and the ‚Caitlin’s Trip To Germany‘-mix and another mix made especially for me.
Again, it’s all ME, ME, ME!

They are so great. I can see now that we share a very similar taste for music since on every CD there are several tracks that I know and love.

Thanks again, Caitlin, I’m more than thrilled.

And, of course, there will be a mix in the make very soon. Or maybe two.